Wellness Tips for the Holiday Season

As the holidays quickly approach, many of us may become overwhelmed with emotion. And while it is the season to be jolly, unfortunately, it’s also the season to experience stress. From holiday spending to hosting family gatherings, it’s normal for our wellness to fall by the wayside. If you’re someone who normally struggles to survive the holidays without getting sick or feeling run down, don’t panic!

Here are five wellness tips for this holiday season:

1. Adjust Your Skincare Routine

With the holiday season comes cold weather. And while you may enjoy the months of winter, your skin likely will not. For some, the cold air, low humidity, and harsh winds can cause their skin to become irritated or dry. That said, even if you do already follow a daily skincare routine, you may have to adjust it once the temperature drops in order to maintain its health.

Whether you’re changing your beauty products or incorporating extra steps into your winter regimen, it is important to figure out how to adequately care for your skin. Since certain skin types call for certain beauty products, you’ll want to make sure to do your research before making any final adjustments.

Say, for instance, you’re a woman looking to treat your dry patches and skin inflammation. In this case, you may want to incorporate a hydrating serum into your skincare routine. On the other hand, if you naturally have oily skin, you won’t want to clog your pores with heavy face oils or moisturizers. Instead, you’ll want to search for skincare products containing retinol to add to your routine as these will help balance your complexion while boosting the skin’s cell turnover.

2. Plan Ahead

The ability to plan ahead is an essential skill to have during the holiday season. Between your busy schedule and fewer hours of daylight, there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. That’s why you must practice organizing your to-do’s and delegating your time so you can properly plan ahead.

To develop this habit, start by jotting down any obligations you have for the upcoming week on a piece of paper or on a calendar. Then, think of other lists you’ll want to have on hand as you move from one holiday to the next.

For example, your Thanksgiving list might include specific recipes you’d like to follow or groceries you’ll need to pick up for the big day. Your Christmas list, on the other hand, might contain a list of all the gifts you’d like to get for your friends and family, along with where to purchase them. No matter what approach you take to plan ahead, remember to not overwork yourself.

3. Get Enough Sleep

With all the added activities associated with the holiday season, you may feel as though you need to sacrifice your hours of sleep to try and get it all done. This, however, should never be the case.

Allowing your body to have time to rejuvenate is critical to conquering stress and promoting your well-being. It also will enable you to actually appreciate the togetherness of the holidays. Without proper rest, you’ll not only feel exhausted, but you’ll also feel less enthusiastic about spending time with your loved ones (which is really what the holidays are all about!)

Needless to say, getting enough sleep needs to be one of your top priorities. To ensure that you’re feeling your very best every day, aim to get around seven to eight hours of sleep per night. To take it one step further, regulate your sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This will make it easier to wake up early and take control of your busy schedule.

4. Make A Budget

Traveling, gift-giving, and preparing those delicious meals — they all come at an expense. Nobody wants to be selfish with their money during this time of year, which causes many of us to end up in debt once the holidays are all over. But with a little effort, there are practical ways for you to handle your money and alleviate your financial anxieties.

Budgeting, for example, is a functional way for you to manage your money more effectively because it provides you insight on your typical spending habits. It also allows you to plan for how you’ll spend or save your money each month.

Designing a budget may be done using a spreadsheet or budgeting app. Although there’s no right or wrong way to make it, keep in mind that the success of your savings is dependent upon the amount of detail and accurate information you include within your budget.

5. Ask For Help When You Need It

At the end of the day, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s unrealistic to think that you can do everything for everyone all the time, especially during the holidays. Your friends and family aren’t expecting you to jeopardize your personal wellness in exchange for their happiness, nor should they. So if and when you need help, don’t ever hesitate to ask for it.

More than likely, your loved ones will be happy to assist you in any way that they can. Instead of rushing to clean the house on your own, ask your partner or kids to complete a couple of chores to help. Rather than slaving away in the kitchen for countless hours, ask your guests to bring one of their favorite holiday dishes. Passing off a few of your responsibilities isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes, it’s exactly what you need to save yourself from feeling overworked and stressed out.

Happy holidays!

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