Thumper on Tour

maxi pro imageThumper on Tour My name is Tony Clark, and I am honored to be the longest running solo massage therapist for the International Dance Company of Riverdance. Purchasing my Thumper Maxi-Pro 6 years ago and Versa-Pro Massager 5 years, both are an essential part of my tour case. I credit their durability, versatility, and consistency to my success and longevity. I can use one word to describe their function: INDESPENSIBLE! Durability: After witnessing the abuse this rugged machine can endure, there is no question that in a normal spa, office, or clinic setting, that it will outlast most therapists and other pieces of equipment.
  • My Thumper devices have seen over 9% of the world traveling through: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, USA, UK, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the USA.
  • Have seen far too many cities to list.
  • Completed over 13 tours
  • Have assisted in more than 750 performance and well over 8,000 massages
  • Brutally cramped into road cases and travel bags
  • Survived: power cords being ran over by travel cases; accidental drops, bumps and kicks, as well as spilled beverages.
Versatility: An average tour could consist of over 60 people ranging from dancers, musicians, wardrobe, technicians, and administration. Approximately 45 dancers would be placed on a rotating 20-minute massage schedule, during a 4 hour shift per show; with 8 shows per week, back to back. In short, there is very little time to address the dancer’s need and NO TIME to address auxiliary staff. Thumper ® changed that.
  • Although designed for professionals, the easy to operate functions of both the Maxi- Pro® and Versa Pro Massager®, allowed ALL company members the benefits of massage without my aid.
  • Can easily accommodate the most petite of dancers to the monstrous of muscle jocks.
  • When performing manual therapies, using the deep penetrating action of my Thumper to prep, increased my efficiency and time.
  • I often found myself using my Maxi-Pro in tandem with other modalities. For example: with a client in a prone position, I could perform trigger point therapy on the cervical region; while placing my thumper device on the lower lumber and extremities. Addressing many issues in a limited time space
  • Because of the percussive action of the Thumper, performers could receive a massage in their tights or costumes without changing, saving valuable time. Not possible with a vibrating style massager which will pull, rip, and pinch the material and skin.
  • The variable speed and lightweight design allowed vocalists to break up congestion before performing.
  • With a minimum work load of 88 massages per week, the benefits of self-massage with Thumper is without question imperative!
Consistency: Thumper devices don’t quit.
  • My Thumper devices have never short circuited, burnt out, or overheated
  • Have never been sent out for repair.
  • Have had no maintenance since purchase.
  • Even after a fatal drop to the floor and breaking the handle on my Maxi-Pro ®...a piece of duct tape kept it working as efficient and flawless for months until a new housing unit was purchased
  • Replacement parts, if needed, are easy to purchase.
  • Portable and powerful, yet easy enough for a child to operate
  • Easy to clean and sanitize between uses
Thumper saves my job During the start of my first European tour; while opening an imbalanced heavy glass door, my dominate hand was crashed between the door and a stone wall. There was several damage and swelling. It was discussed that I should be sent home to heal, and a replacement be sought. Knowing the power of the Maxi-Pro, I asked that I be placed on a 3 day evaluation before a decision was finalized. Bandaged with Thumper in hand, I was able to meet all the needs of the performers and the requirements of my job without missing a day of work. While on tour in Taiwan, I suffered a paralyzing muscle spasm in my lower back. I was thrown to the ground in severe pain and unable to move. Medical evaluation indicated a herniation. I was ordered to immediate bed rest. With only 5 weeks to our next tour there was serious doubt I would be well enough to participate. During my rehabilitation, the Maxi-Pro was indeed part of my regime; addressing gastrocs, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and of course back. I returned to work and have not had an episode since. Based on the above and my extensive use of the Thumper, I would highly recommend this device to anyone. Tony Clark Massage Therapist About Tony Thank you for reviewing my information. I am honored that you have been guided to me. As a former dancer and choreographer, I began my study of human anatomy and physiology for the sheer enjoyment of movement. In time, injuries required my need to understand how to correct, maintain and preserve the human instrument. Many of my colleagues fell victim to the abuses of western medicine. I committed myself to learning ancient healing arts, with a western approach. My repertoire of techniques include: Neuro-muscular, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Myofacial, Stretching, Reiki, and others to aid your body in healing. I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years, and was pursuing my doctorates in oriental medicine and acupuncture, till a spiritual journey redirected me back to hands on healing. I have served as Spa Director for several Resorts and Spas in the South Florida area. My client list has ranged from celebrities, Royal Families, and most importantly, people like myself, the common man. I am proud to have been the longest running solo massage therapist for the International Dance Companies of Riverdance, working in North America, Europe, and Asia. In closing, I wish to remind you that within are the seeds of peace, harmony, and healing. May the Divine Flower of YOU, flourish in the garden temple of Earth.