Therapy Expo 2018 (Birmingham, UK) @ Physique Management's Pavillion

Thumper Massager at Therapy Expo 2018 at Birmingham, UK at Physique Management's Pavillion We were at Therapy Expo again this year at Physique Management's pavilion! Did you get a chance to visit us? Therapy Expo is where physical therapy professionals gather and learn about new technologies and techniques to help them in their practice. We demonstrated the power of our percussive Thumper Massagers and met a lot of people! Because thousands of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists, Osteopaths and Sports Massage Therapists go to Therapy Expo, it makes Therapy Expo the best go-to therapy trade show in UK. You can't pass up a good shoulder and back massage with a percussive massager! Below: Thumper Verve being demonstrated near the shoulder. Demonstrating the Thumper Verve on a booth visitor. This single-sphere massager made by Thumper Massager is great for targeting specific muscles. The Thumper Verve here is being used near the shoulder, focusing on trigger points and small muscles in the area. Below: Thumper Mini Pro being demonstrated on the lower back. Demonstrating the Thumper Mini Pro on a booth visitor. The Thumper Mini Pro is perfect for back muscles and with the long ergonomic handle, it helps users to reach all areas of the back, especially the mid to lower back. The Thumper Mini Pro is the icon of Thumper Massager. It was the first personal massager that was built and the Mini Pro has been around for over 50 years. It was a pleasure to be at Physique Management's pavilion and at Therapy Expo. Therapy Expo was an excellent opportunity for visitors to try out a variety of health and wellness products, and we were excited to be part of that. Check out our visit to Therapy Expo last year! Thumper Massager at Physique Management's Pavillion enjoy a free massage by visiting the booth. Try out our percussive massagers! Follow us on our social media to stay up to date with our events! facebook youtube instagramtwitter

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