Reducing Your Waste Will Heal the Planet – And You

Well-being should be a primary concern for humans everywhere, but concern for the planet should be on the list, too. Human happiness and that of the planet is inextricably linked, with figures ranging from the Pope to the World Bank echoing the need for a healthy planet in order to create healthy lives. A few simple tweaks to your daily life can make a big difference; just as a massage from a Thumper or setting a reminder to get up and stretch – can be a small but beneficial boost to the day, your small actions can help to improve the planet.

Reducing your waste

Wastage is one of the biggest challenges facing humans, and there is significant evidence to show that current trends are damaging mental well-being. One study, published by the British Medical Bulletin, has suggested that the net effect of landfill waste is an impact of the health of entire tracts of society – not just those living close to waste sites.

Making small changes will help to reduce your impact. Think about what, and how, you consume – reduce the amount of plastic bags you buy, for instance, and consider moving to eco-friendly gifts when making a purchase for loved ones. Try and re-use every scrap of paper and foil you can – and stay away from non-biodegradable purchases.

Stemming the food tide

Shockingly, up to a third of all food produced in the world is wasted, according to food recycling advocates OLIO. Despite this huge amount of wasted biomass, there is starting to be a paucity of fertilizer for the world’s crops – according to The New Humanitarian, Nepalese farmers are already struggling to create yields in 60% of rice paddies.

Again, your small changes can help – compost your food waste, and look to make the most of everything, leftovers included. This will reduce the burden on food-producing nations. Producing food takes a lot of effort so plan your meals accordingly to minimize food waste.

...from farmers to manufacturers, from producers to distributors, from stores to homes — need to rethink how we view excess food and change our habits, so that people can benefit and an environmental crisis can be avoided.

CBC News

Moving to renewable energy

Electric energy is slowly growing across the world. Electricity is accepted as a non-negotiable part of modern life, with the likes of massage tools, computers, and medical devices requiring it to stay effectively charged. However, this doesn’t mean more can’t be done. Look to adapt your home with solar panels, if possible; if not, look for a new supplier who can give you energy that comes from renewable sources. This will reduce emissions, creating a healthier planet, more green areas and, ultimately, a healthier you.


The planet does not exist in a vacuum from your wellness. Staying healthy requires a healthy environment – and doing so will create a symbiotic benefit. Through adapting your behavior, you can make minor improvements that will create a better world for yourself.

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