Learn how to perfect the push up

Learn how to perfect the push up

The push up. A basic, foundational move in calisthenics. Not only does it train your arms, it also trains your core and back. Here are some tips that will help you nail the push up and train those muscles. Learn how to perfect the push up and good luck with your training!

The quality of the push up goes a long way: the form and the consistency of each controlled push up is not only the most efficient way but it is also the best way to nail the push up. Practice does not always make perfect – but practice makes permanent. With that being said, learning the push up with proper form and doing it in a controlled way, you are off to a stronger start and have more time to fine-tune and perfect the push up. Remember our previous blog about concentric, isometric, and eccentric movements? It applies here too!

Training takes a lot of patience. If you aimed for quantity instead, the push ups you do with poor form would not help your muscles get strong the proper way. If your muscles do not get the proper training, how would your muscles improve?

Watch the video below to see the tips and tricks of how you can nail your push ups.


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