FAQ - Why are oils used during massage therapy? | Can Thumper be used with massage oils or lotions?

FAQ - Why are oils used during massage therapy? | Can Thumper be used with massage oils or lotions?

A massage can be done without oil, but that can become cumbersome. Thus, oils can help enhance the benefits of a massage when it is used during a session.

Ever wondered why oils are used during massage therapy? The oils used during a massage has several purposes. However, when it comes to electric massagers, should you use oils for the same reasons? Keep on reading to find out!

The main purpose of massage oils is to lubricate the skin to reduce friction while the massage therapist performs a massage. This helps give a smooth glide for the hands and easy workability to the skin's surface. Different oils are suitable for different kinds of massage - your massage therapist would choose the kind of oil that makes the most sense with your session.

Secondary benefits of oils nourishes the skin with natural ingredients, replenishes dryness, and leaves skin hydrated. Usually, the oil used can also act as a base oil for aromatherapy essential oils.

Massage therapist applying massage oil on their client

When it comes to massaging using an electric massager, should you use oils as well? It depends. But with Thumper Massagers, we do not recommend using oils and creams for several reasons. The main reason is that Thumper designs its products with FDA approved materials which minimizes friction, so there's already no need for additional lubrication.

Watch the video below to see the Thumping action demonstrated - you'll see why oils are not needed with Thumper!


The patented Thumping action makes it easy to glide the massager from one spot to the next. Second, the oils can end up getting into the internal components which can damage your machine. Third, it keeps the massager clean - especially if the Thumper was used over clothing.

These points are important to keep in mind as it will help extend the life of your massager and keep your Thumper well-maintained.

As usual, if you have any questions, refer to your user manual or give us a call! Stay Active!

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