5 Expert Health and Beauty Tips for Travelers

Regardless of the travel mode you decide to use to reach your destination, the whole traveling experience takes a toll on your appearance, beauty, and health. Since our skin is quite a sensitive organ and it doesn’t tolerate climate changes well, we need to take special care of it while on the go. The same goes for our hair and other beauty routines we do on a daily basis. In order to avoid problems such as greasy and messy hair, puffy eyes, flaky and dry skin, take a look at some travel beauty tips experts swear by.

1. Hydrate and treat your skin right

Keeping skin hydrated is of key importance on a daily basis, and especially when traveling. Many expert travel beauty tips suggest moisturizing even more often than usual to keep skin fresh and bouncy-looking. There is nothing worse than arriving at a destination with itchy, flaky, and dry skin.

In order to avoid this irritating feeling, experts also suggest applying an intense moisturizer the night before a flight, for example, as it will increase the hydration of your skin even before you’re exposed to the dry air in the plane cabin. Avoid applying a heavy foundation and instead use a tinted moisturizer. It will help you achieve the effect of fresh and perfect skin while at the same time it will hydrate your skin. So, it’s beauty and health combined into one product.

A good way to refresh makeup while traveling is to use face mist in a spray. And to avoid oily skin, remember to pack some blotting papers to eliminate the excess oil on your face by dabbing the papers on problematic zones.

2. Keep your hair neat and bouncy

We all know how traveling affects our hairstyle and it’s something we need to discuss for sure. Lying on the pillow or resting our head on the headrest leaves some consequences on our hairstyle and it rarely happens that we land having the same hairstyle that we had when we took off. It’s simply impossible, especially when talking about some long journeys.

However, there are some things we can do to fix our hair and make it look fresh and voluminous. First of all, make sure you take a bottle of dry shampoo with you – it’s an absolute miracle product that can instantly absorb the excess oil in your hair and lift it at the same time.

If you’re going to an extremely hot and sunny country, don’t forget to protect your hair in the same way you protect your skin from the sun. Pack some products that will protect your hair from the harmful UV rays. Use a shampoo that’s right for your hair type and a heavy conditioner to work on repairing damaged hair.

3. Use multitasking makeup products

When it comes to makeup products, we all tend to wear it when we’re on holiday, too. When it comes to traveling and makeup tips, we need to point out a few important ones. First things first, the most important thing to remember when it comes to makeup we use is to use vegan and natural makeup, as it is the one that’s the healthiest for our skin, as it contains no harmful ingredients.

Second, as we’re limited with baggage space when traveling, we should try to be more efficient in choosing what products exactly to take. To save space, choose products that you can use for multi-purposes. For example, pack a tinted moisturizer – it is a moisturizer and foundation in one product. And another thing, take only bare essentials such as mascara, brow pencil, some bronzer, blush, and lipstick – it will be enough for you to achieve a nice, subtle, holiday look.

4. Pack travel-size products

When it comes to packing and beauty products, there is a possibility to pack light and still take all the products that you normally use. This problem was recognized by the beauty industry and many makeup and cosmetic brands have travel size mini versions of quite a lot of products, so you can pack these instead of the regular-size products.

5. Eliminate puffy eyes

One of the greatest problems when it comes to traveling is our tired and puffy eyes. This is one of the first signs by which you can recognize a traveler. The question is what can you do about it?

Experts suggest that upon arriving on a destination you should put some crushed ice in a cloth and put it under your eyes. It will make you look and feel fresh almost instantly. Reading or watching a movie on a flight can also leave your eyes tired-looking, red, and watery. In order to eliminate this problem, remember to pack some eye drops. They will lubricate and soothe your eyes.

Final thoughts

Having in mind these small but useful travel beauty tips, you are sure to spend your holiday looking healthy and fresh, which also means looking awesome in your photos.

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