10 Great Gift Ideas for an Active Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is this weekend - what do you have prepared for your dad to show your appreciation? If you have yet to find the perfect gift for him, maybe this list would give you an idea!

If your dad lives an active lifestyle, you can get him something to support his lifestyle! Otherwise, these items may encourage him to get active. No matter what your budget is, you can find something that he'll find useful. Check out our list below for the prefect gift for the active dad in your life. If you see something your dad would like, click on the headers for the link to buy it!

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

This little elliptical fits under desks in case your dad wants something to keep him active during your work day. It is ergonomically designed to ensure optimal posture and leg movement. If your dad wants to keep track of his workout, you can connect via Bluetooth to their mobile app to track exercise, set goals, share progress, and compete. There are also eight levels of resistance allow you to adjust the intensity level of your exercise.

Nike x Undercover Daybreak Shoe

If your dad is a runner, why not get something stylish while supporting his active lifestyle? You can get any pair of running shoes for him, really. But nonetheless, it's a good idea! This pair has been carefully designed to provide stability, traction, and durability. It also has a foam insole to provide optimal comfort throughout the day.

Thumper Mini Pro

Mini Pro

To help you dad recover from his run, workout, or sport session, why not give him a handheld massager? The Mini Pro delivers a full strength percussive massage that penetrates deep through all fascial layers. It is ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow to the area being treated, and releasing muscle tension. And, it feels great! If you plan on getting some sort of massage tool, check out our other blog to see what tools are out there!

Fitbit Versa

This Fitbit is a smartwatch for dads on the go. This specific model has a battery that lasts 4+ days and tracks activity, sleep and heart rate. You can also access notifications, apps, & more. This watch tracks all sorts of things like steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity & stationary time. It is also water resistant to 50M for wear in the pool or rain.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

To listen to music on the go, a pair of wireless headphones may be a great choice as a gift for your dad. Since it's wireless, it's convenient and great for those who are active. It is designed in a way that the headphones would stay comfortably in place during workouts. It is also sweat and weather resistant. A single charge would last up to 6 hours of use.

The LARQ Bottle

The LARQ Bottle is the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. It uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle. We think your dad would love how convenient this is, especially when the bottle looks so sleek.

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

This blender features a sleek design and great performance with 1000 watts of professional power and 64 ounce maximum liquid capacity. If your dad loves making smoothies, why not give this to him for Father's Day? It includes a blender jar that is perfect for making large batches of creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies for the entire family also perfect for large batches of delicious margaritas and daiquiris.

KEYNEW Sports Gym Bags

Make your dad's life easier by getting him a gym bag that works. Not only does it look sleek and stylish, this sports bag is made by water resistant nylon fabric for a durable and super lightweight design. There are two ventilation openings that keep your shoes and dirty gear separate, which helps alleviate odor. There are a few colors to choose from as well!

Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion Stability Core Trainer

If your dad works in an environment that requires long periods of sitting, why not get him this to help him with posture and moving throughout the day? Simply place the disc on top of any chair or seat to add instability which helps strengthen your core while improving posture. You can even use this with a variety of strength and balance exercises to increase core strength and balance. It's pretty much an air-cushioned seat so it works outdoors for a quick seat or on hardwood and carpet flooring and also makes a great meditation seat or wherever you need a little extra cushion.

Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha

If your dad loves drinking tea, why not get him some high quality tea? Ceremonial grade Encha is a premium organic matcha green tea powder, ground from the most tender leaves each spring on a farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan. The recommended serving size of Encha is one level teaspoon, about 2 grams of matcha powder. Adjust the quantity to suit your needs. One serving of Encha matcha powder contains ~240 mg of antioxidant catechins (including 120 mg of EGCG), ~60 mg of caffeine, ~24 mg of theanine and only 8 calories. Tea has a long history and provides many benefits for the body. Even if your dad doesn't like tea, maybe he hasn't found a flavor of tea that he likes yet.

Happy Father's Day!

If you haven't got anything for your dad yet, we hope that this list would give you a better idea of what your dad may like.

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